Darn it, I missed something…

We’ve probably all gone through this over the years, forgetting something only to have to go back & figure out how to correct it. The worst part is when it’s something important and we’ve nearly released it out into the wild only to realize that we missed something along the way. I’m like that in just about every way humanly possible, especially when it came to the term papers I wrote in college & university, or even the way I now deal with people every day. Honestly, I think it’s become a part of everyday life, missing something along the way, and it’s become a part of us just because of how easily it happens to all of us.

When it comes to photography, I’m no better and I’ve found that going back over shots from time to time helps me learn and get passed all the times I’ve missed something. Going back over the many shots, in a way, helps give me more of a piece of mind about them, while making me feel rather stupid because I’ve nearly always found something I’ve missed in the process (there’s something to be said for the ability to go back & really look at past shots). Looking through each one helps me see that I’ve missed something and, sometimes, helps me learn how to correct for it & get past it the next time I’m working out my photography with my camera.

It’s often the one thing we dread quite a bit because we associate it with failure nearly 100% of the time; after all, forgetting is, by definition, the failure to remember something. The issue I have with it is when it becomes a part of what defines us because we’re letting the lack of something make us who we are. To me, this can be one of the things that usually breaks the core of who we are because it’s negative nearly 100% of the time.



While this is going to be my second post on remembrance, I figured I’d put a different spin on it, relating it to photography much better than before. With the Remembrance Day celebrations just 3 days away, there’s plenty to photograph, but respect needs to be paid to those who made sacrifices for freedoms we enjoy today. That goes as far as to get permission to photograph people during those celebrations and making sure that photography is even allowed at these events.

These events come as time to pay respects to the soldiers who have faithfully served their country over the years and sometimes it gets to be to much when they are hounded by people wanting a photograph. They have stories to tell and it’s not often that we have the chance to really sit down and listen to them; behind each portrait there is a story, ones filled with a range of emotions. The best part of this is that this time of year is for remembering the times and the experiences these veterans went through just so that we could have freedom. While we should be doing this outside of this holiday as well, it gives us time to do so now…And then get a photograph later, if possible.

The key to all this? Take some time to appreciate the sacrifices made and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn something…Photography comes a distant third to all this. ’Til later…Enjoy!

Of pumpkins & changing colors

It’s the time of year, with the leaves on trees changing color and pumpkins being used for lattes, pies & decorations, for those bright colors in full swing. Yet in many places around the globe, there is still nothing like this; around here, we’re blessed and we still take it for granted. Coming from a guy who’s done this many a time, I’ve been guilty of it far too many times, but sometimes it just helps to take care and remember those who aren’t feeling the same across this planet.

With Remembrance Day 11 days away, it’s about the sacrifices made in war and by the soldiers killed in the recent attacks. If I could think of one thing I’d want to remember this time around, it’s that we’re so blessed to live in such a country where I can walk down the street and still feel safe. This post may be early, but I’ve found it’s good for the heart & soul to think on these things and send up a prayer of thanks. In the end, we’re all fallen souls longing for redemption, whether we know it or not, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to keep ourselves humble and think about just how vast the blessings we’ve received really are.

In photography, it’s about making memorable photographs, so why not stretch it out to the entire year? In everything, don’t forget, like I’m so prone to doing, to really think about who is really behind it all. The photograph is just a snapshot of a place in time that we’ve captured to show people, or remember, that we were there when it all went down (or up). Pumpkins & changing colors are places in time within the year, but if they’re important enough to capture, then they mean something, so make them count!

While blogging daily for more than a week, I think it’s time I spend more time into doing posts that, while not as quick, are more intensive (hopefully)…’Til next time, enjoy it!