Needing a drink…

There’s quite a few country songs about needing a beer, some of them are among my favourites. What I’m trying to get at is that sometimes things happen that leave us needing a beer or just a simple coffee. Easter is right around the corner and it’s not about some bunny that lays some chocolate ears, but about the Saviour’s ultimate sacrifice for our sins and rising again for our redemption/salvation, should we choose to get down on our knees and accept it…Although it’s more of the Creator choosing us, but I’ll leave that for theology masters to duke it out. I’m just as guilty as the next person and I’ll readily admit that if I can, but I just want to get that out there. Sometimes, all the worries of this world make me want to sit down and grab a cold root beer or a coffee to just let the worries drift right off of me.
It takes a mind that’s open to even think about this kind of stuff and, being a stubborn person myself, it can also take some time…It’s not light decision. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that live is more of a battle, thanks to pride & all the crap that mainstream society & the radical fringes throw at us, but, in the end, we’ve all got to really struggle against it, but thankfully the power isn’t something that we have to do on our own. With Easter, it’s about seeing that there’s more to it than all the chocolate that we’re bombarded with and realizing life isn’t always about us, something I’m so guilty of doing every now & then. With that said, there’s something to be said for not buying into the hype over all the chocolates on sale and maybe, just maybe, we might avoid a massive sugar crash.

- Sunrise Over Trout Lake -
– Sunrise Over Trout Lake –

Easter is also a great time to get together with family and, if you’re far out from them for most of the year (unlike I am), it’s kind of a catch-up time after Christmas. Family’s more than just biological family because it’s the kind of people that you can get along with & trust and/or lean on in times of struggle…And ask their honest opinions of when it comes to certain decisions. Getting back to the title of this post, I just have to say that we need more than a drink, something that really gets to the heart of the matter and I believe that’s where Easter comes in.



What’s Easter for me? It’s not the bunny that the stores have brought in to sell chocolate, but the Cross & the Resurrection that celebrated by the millions of Christians around the world. What does it mean to me? It’s what my faith hinges on and something I’ll hold on to. What’s all this mean to me? It’s something that should frame how I’m going about my life, even though most times I’ll stumble & fall like a dumb oaf trying to stumble through life.

What I’m getting at here is that there’s always something that should define us, despite our many flaws & shortcomings. It can be who we’re spending time with, what we believe, who we’re trying to help, or what we’re trying to do; it’s got to have meaning though, I find, or it falls apart the minute we go through tough times. Inspiration, like I’ve hopefully said before, is often the key thing, next to even a little faith, that keeps us going & keeps defining us. I’m not always inspired in what I do (far from it most of the time), but there’s always the moment of inspiration that can lift spirits and get something of worth done, no matter how short or long. When I see a sight like in the photograph below, it inspires me, lifting up my spirit because of how graceful the flower looks; as to why it does this, I have no idea, I just know it does.

- White Magnolia -
– White Magnolia –

Certain things inspire me in certain ways and I often have little or no clue why, but does it matter why to me? Only when it involves a question of ethics (i.e. a quick grab shot in public spaces that violates personal space & privacy) because then it’s more of a violation than a matter of inspiration. Certain music serves as inspiration as well (stuff from Darius Rucker, Doc Walker, Red, and Thrice among others), but, in the end, it’s about being able to inspire others as well…Can I use what inspires me to help inspire others? And can I do that using vision & meaning in what I’m photographing to inspire others? I sure hope so.

A pre-Easter glance upward…

As I sit here wondering what’s going on with this crazy world, I can’t help but think on how deep the Father’s love that we can still breathe; it took a cross to give us eternity…How deep it was indeed. It’s often scary how often we forget just how beautiful nature is, and yet it’s nowhere near like what it once was; we’ve gone from treating it well, to neglecting it, and then on to worshiping it in a swing backwards that overcompensates much more than a politician trying to lie his way into a position of power. Something tells me that humanity’s relation to nature is going to take a long while to even get close to what it should be, but that’s just me.

Sure, you might think, that this comes all too easy for someone into nature photography, but, when I stop to think of it, it really doesn’t come easy. I have to be able to see where I am & where I’m coming from, something that doesn’t always happen and something that I’m apt to screw up more often than not. Most times, I’m too lazy to get out there and actually look at the natural world, settling for a snack in front of the TV, watching some half-wit show, or sitting on the computer playing games or browsing the internet. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place & time for these things, it’s just that there’s many a time when I do them when I should’ve been doing something else…I mean, think of it: it’s a free activity, walking outside, when a snack costs something & using electricity means that someone else can’t (I’m joking at this point).

At this point, I’m pretty much embarrassed that I’ve lost out on so much outdoor time for the sake of screen time, but I aim to change that & get out more often. Of course, it doesn’t help all that much that I’m in a city that travel guides once called internationally famous for its rain; it’s just another excuse to stay indoors, something to give me an excuse not to get out, but I’m working on it…I just need to work on it better. Life’s more than just being indoors and I’m getting better at getting outdoors, so here’s to hoping we all improve at getting out.

On Easter…On Prosperity…

No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke…It is ACTUALLY about Easter and Prosperity (Prosperity Gospel as some put it). Put it this way, without Easter, we’re all pretty much hooped, left without a chance because the cross, grave & resurrection is what gives us the one thing we truly need to have in order to be who we’re truly meant to be…Forgiveness & life. And thanks to it, grace gave us a way out of the Pit. Now if that sounds too preachy, then I’m sorry, but it had to be said; I don’t want anyone to be hit over the head with it (figuratively of course), but we’ve all messed up so much (myself definitely included) that Easter gives us the way out if indeed we truly believe & trust. I’m not going to preach on this because I’ve heard way too many times the message being hammered on with no real heart behind it.

Now the sad thing is, people have bought in to the whole idea that prosperity is all there is; it’s like materialism has become the new normal. Then there’s the reverse of it where it’s all about who we read, how many complex terms we know, & how much knowledge we can amass for ourselves. The thing is, they’re both the same old crap, just from different angles; don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about reading…it should be encouraged…but when it is the be-all end-all, then we’re just as messed up as we were before. While it may seem like I’m all over the place on this, going from Easter to Prosperity, there’s something there because prosperity is like the bad reaction to Easter because we don’t want to hear this news…so we cushion ourselves with crap. We’re just hiding (myself at times) from the reality that lies before us.

I’ve let this topic sit for a few days and I still feel the same way…I still feel as if it’s got to be said because there’s just too much that’s left unsaid that should be said.