Good people…

I’m probably gonna take some flak naming this one after the Jack Johnson song of the same name, but I was thinking that “Where have all the good people gone?” is a question well asked because it seems, like the song implies, that we’re all missing the ‘good’ people. We’ve all got something else on our minds besides what the Creator wants for us, myself included, that we’ve let most, if not all, decency go from society. I mean, we can see it from the sensationalist headlines found on CNN (along with reused & staged footage) to the crap being spewed on every side of the spectrum. Just look at how easily we get swayed by the headlines when they are sensational instead of simply telling something simple about the story.

There’s little soul left in the news media that isn’t over-hyped, little else than shallow lyrics in pop music, and politics is whole different can of worms; I’m more than guilty of this in my photography & life, so I’m preaching just as much to myself as anyone else. What & where this really gets to me, outside of the mainstream, is in photography where everything seems to be about the latest gear and the latest technique where people show off how they do something without actually saying anything through the image at all. To a certain extent, we need to stop looking for good people when there’s plenty of change we can do right here & now by not moaning about where we’re at right now and try to inspire & help others.

- Looking Up -
– Looking Up –

I’m definitely not perfect and I’m not trying to preach aloud, but I’m beginning to wonder if what we need is a little art in our lives to help us brighten up the lives of those around us, not just ourselves…We need to become as close to the good people as we can, but we can’t do it without the Creator’s help. Doing something that means something to someone might just include just being there for them, talking to them about life & faith, or even just listening to them. Find someone and try to be a friend to them and understand what they’re going through by just listening to them at first; then let the friendship grow from there.


So, about that hangover…

When I really think about it, coming back from taking photographs and nothing turns out just the way I wanted it to, does that mean that I give up? Or if I come back with a headache/hangover and I don’t feel like doing it again, does that mean I give it up? In simple terms, nope. It’s basically like trying to recover from a hangover, or too much food (hence the term, food-baby); we don’t give up something altogether because it didn’t turn out good, we give it up if it physically & mentally hurts us too much (although drinking would be better to give it up completely if you’re prone to having too much).

When something puts us in a situation where we’re down, then seeking help from a sensible friend is always a good thing; and by sensible friend, I mean one that doesn’t cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League (sorry, had to put that one in there as a joke). In all seriousness, working towards trying to find a solution often requires the help of a friend, or some kind of inspiration, to get over feeling down. It can be tough opening up, but sometimes, it just works better when you do because it let’s a close friend see what you’re going through and walk along with you so you don’t feel alone.

Christmas is a time to be with family & friends and it should be like that when you feeling down because it’s usually better to seek help instead of going it on your own (something I’m prone to do way to often). It can be an extremely lonely road and working it out all by yourself can lead to some conclusions that are either deceptive or completely wrong because you end up going down the path that is totally opposite of where you’re supposed to be. So have a good Christmas and remember to enjoy it with someone because it’s usually better that way!

Trying to find…

In all honesty, you can post as much you want to photo sites like 500px, flickr, Instagram or even FaceBook, but if you’re just looking for popularity, then these sites are just right. However, if you’re trying to find something real and people to help inspire you, then there’s more out there, especially blogs that aren’t superficial and can give you great ideas. The best thing is to have a mentor, or in in absence of that, some photographer/person that helps you along the way when you end up reading his/her stuff on the internet or in books; these people can walk beside you and help you along, but will not tell you to follow them, but help you to turn your focus upward.

Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.
-Proverbs 27:17

The best thing is that if there is someone you can relate to, then you should be learning from them, preferably older & wiser, who has gone through similar issues that you are going through; this is really important because it can help you stay grounded and get through the bad times and the good. I’ve gone through it for a period of about 5-10 months and I can positively say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. There’s ups & downs in life and having a friend/mentor who can walk with you through it is definitely worth it.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
-C. S. Lewis

So if you’re trying to find something worthwhile, whether if be in art or life in general, find a friend and someone who can help you through things and you can then learn together. In photography, nothing beats a friend who’ll be there with you and helping you get those shots or you helping him/her get those shots. You can’t really go through photography & life without a friend to stick with you through it, someone who doesn’t mind being just as dumb at times and just as smart at other times.